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I'm a developer with a deep-rooted passion for coding, initially cultivated during my high school years. My journey began in the realm of front-end development, where I embraced every challenge with enthusiasm and a keen eye for the latest trends and technologies.

As someone who thrives on continuous learning and growth, I've recently expanded my expertise into back-end development. This transition marks a significant step in my career, allowing me to delve deeper into the intricacies of software development and provide more comprehensive solutions.

While I'm modest about my abilities, my dedication and commitment to excellence are unwavering. I consistently strive to bring my best to every project, blending creativity with technical prowess to create impactful digital experiences.

Martin Koller

Work experience


I have been working here as FE developer - Angular. This is my first time working in the product-based company. I had worked in project-based companies until now. I have to say, it's really exciting. I'm involved in a product that thousands of users use every day.

K-Businesscom s.r.o.

I was employed as FE developer. I developed web apps in Angular. It has been my first time working in an international company.

Tender systems s.r.o.

I was employed as full-time software developer focused on FE. I was doing web apps in Angular most of the time. It was my first full-time job and I have gained a lot of experience out of it.

Smartiple s.r.o.

This was my first work experience in IT. I was employed as part-time FE developer, mostly doing simple websites.


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Code Sage

Welcome to Code Sage! This is my personal project, a blog where I share articles, tips, and best practices in both English and Czech. I started this project to learn more about backend development. That's why I built my own backend system for this blog. Right now, the blog isn't available online because it's not completely finished, and it might never be. But that's okay! My main goal with Code Sage was to learn and improve my skills in backend development.

Angular NestJS Docker Jest
Politicz is a project that is intended to serve as a news portal focused on events in politics. In addition to news, the user can search and edit political parties and their members. CRUD operations work here. You can view the demo site by clicking on the link. This is a demo, so the application is cut off from all api and everything works locally, without the need to authenticate.

Credit to Petr Koller who created the BE part for this app.

All repos for this project are present here:

Angular Typescript NGXS Jest
Item list

Add-item list

Add-item list is a simple Angular app. Purpose of this project was to try NGXS - state management pattern/library and nothing else. So the look of the app also corresponds to it. It was fun to get familiar with NGXS, very useful technology!

Angular Typescript NGXS Sass
Silver cider

Silver cider

Silver cider is brand of cider that has origins in Kutná Hora. Task was simple, you do the frontend, we'll do the back-end. Would you refuse to make a website promoting a beer brand? I certainly wouldn't.

HTML Javascript Sass
Guess my number

Guess my number!

Guess my number is web browser game. Your task is to guess a correct number that is randomly generated. If your guess is bad, you will get information whether your guess is higher or lower than the number you are trying to guess.

HTML Javascript Sass

Guide services KH

Guide Service KH is project that was created in April 2020. My brother made rating system for Guide services Kutná Hora. However, he needed frontend for his rating system. So I took this oportunity to practice my frontend skills and made this awesome website!

Link to web

My hero academia

My hero academia is the first website that I have ever made! It is based on famous anime "Boku no hero academia". Despite the lack of experience and knowledge, I wanted to start learning about frontend technologies. And the best way how to learn something is to practice it!

HTML CSS Bootstrap jQuery

Visit my github to see other interesting projects!

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